About Marie

     Marie  was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. and moved to South Florida to attend college. She was studying Emergency Medicine at Broward Community College, while doing her EMT-Paramedic  degree at at  Medical Arts Training Center vocational college.

Five years later she decided to go back to school and study therapeutic and sports massage. After 10 years of being a licensed massage therapist, she chose to relocate and attend Life University Doctor Chiropractic program and do a dual degree with a Bachelors in Nutrition at Life University in Marietta, GA.  Marie has been a Licensed Massage Therapist 28 1/2 years and really enjoys what she does, she is  a born nurturer  and very compassionate.
Marie had been adjusted from the age of five years old, she was a bed wetter and this was something that her mom was besides herself about. During an appointment with her Chiropractor-Dr. George Bonetti of Brooklyn, she shared she was taking Marie to the Medical Doctor to see what he could do about her bedwetting. Dr. Bonetti advised Marie's mom to let him work with her because he had great results with these type of patients.  By Marie's fourth adjustment, her bedwetting was considerably gone.  The reason for this, was because her nervous system was functioning optimally thereby reducing the bedwetting significantly.  Marie is single and has three beautiful grown children-Jess, Jon and Zack. In her spare time Marie enjoys  running 5 & 10 K races, zip-lining, competitive shooting, spending time with her family and especially her grandchildren Juliana and Jax as time permits.

     Marie is a graduate of  Trinity School of Natural Health as a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. She has a passion  to educate the public about Chiropractic, Nutrition, Stress management, Homeopathy, Emotion Code, Bach Flowers, Naturopathy and   Massage Therapy and how to keep your body in balance through a more holistic approach. She will be taking her doctorate exam in 2022 in Naturopathy.
 Marie has a  specialized method in helping athletes perform better to gain a competitive edge, improving circulation and muscle tone, and assisting people with acute and chronic pain. Marie has successfully helped, NBA, ex-NFL athletes, WWE wrestlers, Crossfit coaches and their members, as well as chiropractors, doctors and their patients through therapy sessions.  

Introduce your team

Introducing our awesome  team. 

Jennifer Marie

Anti-aging consultant

Jennifer has a Master's degree from Brenau,  a Registered Respiratory Therapist and is a Consultant with NuSkin. She see's patients in our office for anti-oxidant screenings with a  Bio-Photonic Scanner . She also shows our patients how to mineralize wrinkles, increase collagen and put moisture back into their face utilizing  the Galvanic Spa.


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