Our sessions are very unique. Our sessions  are personalized to your individual needs-whether it be an athlete needing a competitive edge,  stretching, a great deep tissue or relaxing massage. Our sessions are typically either 30, 60, 75, 90 or 120 minutes and we will never nickel and dime you if we go over. Aromatherapy is always complimentary! 

Signature Massage


This is a therapeutic massage, that is a personalized based on a consultation with the therapist  to include a combination of techniques ~Swedish~Deep Tissue~Myoskeletal Alignment Technique~Sports Massage~Aromatherapy~Neuromuscular & Trigger Point~Activated Isolated Stretching. A technique that releases patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes with pressure on contracted areas, either following or going across the grains of muscles, tendons and fascia. A Signature massage is designed to relieve severe tension, muscle spasm and pain in the muscle and the connective tissue or fascia.
30 min.-$45.00, 60 min. -$90.00, 75 min-$110.00, 90 min -$125.00, 120 min.-$180.00

Aromatherapy Mindful Massage


This session incorporates massage, breath work and essential oils. This session is teaching the client how to relax using guided meditation and breath work. The client will come out feeling that they can conquer any stress that comes their way.
30 min.$45.00, 75 min-$120.00

Lavender Hot Oil Scalp Massage


This is a relaxing scalp massage, infused with a lavender hot oil. This is a great add on to any service.
20 min.-$25.00

Foot Reflexology

This is an application system of massage used to relieve tension and treat illness, based on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet, hands, and head linked to every part of the body. What are some of the benefits: Insomnia, High Blood Pressure, Anxiety and Depression, Migraines and much more.
30 min.$50.00, 60 min-$85.00 , 90 minutes-$110.00

Foot Detox


Relax in a warm aromatic epsom salt foot bath. This is a great add on to any service.
30 min.-$40.00

Peppermint Pick~Me~Up


This package 15 minute foot reflexology and a 20 minute head and neck massage.
Total time-40 minutes-$40.00

Sugar Glow


This treatment will exfoliate the skin, leave it smooth and hydrated. This is an organic Babbasou sugar, shea butter, refined Organic coconut oil and Vitamin E.

Initial Nutritional Consultation


During this consultation, the client will bring with them a 3 day recall of what they had eaten prior to appointment. During the first visit, we will discuss your current and past medical history, family medical history and the clients goals. The client will bring any supplements they are currently taking as well as all lab results from the current year to compare. The initial visit will be approximately be 90 minutes. A personalized nutritional plan will be designed specifically for the client according to their unique needs. The client will come in every week for the first month and then every other week till they reach their goal.
Followup visit-60 minutes-$140

Doula Services


We meet with you and your significant other and go over the wishes of the ~Mom to be~ and what the expectations  of your delivery are. Our mission is to provide you with outstanding judgment-free support throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period .We empower the parents to be, and will provide any support and the information you need, so you can make the choices that feel  right for you and your family.  You will be supported and respected for your individual birthing and parenting philosophies. We look forward to meeting you! This price includes a prenatal consultation, pregnancy massage,  24 hour assistance from 32 week of pregnancy until the time you call us to meet you and doula assistance in the hospital delivery room, at home delivery or water birth. We work together with your Obstetrician or Midwife


$45.00 to 75.00

Cupping is and ancient old healing therapy, the origin is unknown. Cupping is a form of traditional Chinese and Middle Eastern medicine and dates back to 28 A.D. People have practiced cupping therapy for thousands of years.Cupping assists in loosing up tight muscles, adhesions and connective tissue. We use silicone cups that creates a suction vacuum pressure. It helps to bring blood flow back to the tissues. On commencement of the session it is very normal to see red marks on the area that was treated. This treatment is a great add on to any session. 30 min-$45.00, 60 min-$75.00

Thai Herbal Poultice                                       60 min-$85.00                                      
This ancient technique originated in Thailand in the 14th century. The poultice is made of herbs and spices that are wrapped in muslin and then steam-heated. The steam allows essential oils and the aroma of the herbs and spices to be released from the poultice through the massage. This is a relaxing and energizing session. Not recommended for women who are pregnant and individuals with rheumatoid arthritis. 

Facial treatment with the Galvanic Spa


This treatment teaches the consumer how to use this FDA approved micro current device on their face to iron out the wrinkles. This device is cost effective and an alternative to Botox.
30 minute session

Medical Massage

30 minute sessions From $55.00 and up

The application of specific treatment protocols targeted to the specific problem(s), and focuses on using purely therapeutic medical massage/stretching techniques and possibly Kinesiotaping or Cupping if needed.

Infrared Amethyst Mat

Upgrade -$40.00 or 5 -30 minute Sessions -$180.00

The Amethyst Mat releases deep penetrating Far-inrared heat and negative ions. It emits FIR and MID infra-red rays at an 93% efficiency.  Infrared heat is structured an  amethyst layer to penetrate up to eight inches deep into the body. The mat produces Direct Current Negative Potential and negative ions are directly conducted to the body, quickly restoring the cells natural electrical field and totally charging and alkalizing the whole body.  

Promotes a feeling of well-being for a healthier mind and body. It can offer relief of:  muscle pain - Minor and Joint pain associated with arthritis -Muscle spasms -Minor sprains -Minor strains - Minor muscular back pain -Reduces stress and fatigue -Soothes and relaxes -Supports the immune system and can produce a restful night's sleep.

Restorative Nap Session

30 minute -$30.00

 Many of you have asked if you can stay longer so you can take extra quiet time because you needed more rest and now you can do that. Please let us know before you book your session.

OutCall-60 minute Massage/Sports/Therapeutic


This session is an outcall service and provides the client in their home a therapeutic or relaxing massage. This rate is based on a 20 mile radius from the Holly Springs office or the East Cobb/Marietta office

OutCall-90 minute Massage/Sports/Therapeutic


This session is an outcall service and provides the client in their home a therapeutic or relaxing massage. This rate is based on a 20 mile radius from the Holly Springs office or the East Cobb/Marietta office

Naturopathic Consultation


What is included in a Naturopathic Consultation? ​  Your 90 minute consultation starts with a detailed intake form. This is where you get to tell YOUR story! Your goals? What have you tried in the past? What has worked? What hasn't worked? ​ Face, Tongue, and Nail Observations: Marie will ask to see your nails, will look at your face, and even ask you to stick your tongue out at her.  She is reading the "story" your body is telling. This is valuable information that will help inform the client about their current health.  She will not diagnose you, she  utilizes the following to assess.
Muscle Response Testing (MRT): Did you know there are points on the body that can provide feedback associated with water intake, hydrochloric acid, digestive enzymes, and more? MRT is an invaluable tool to the Naturopath. ​ ​
Iridology: They say "the eyes are the window into the soul".  We know that they are a window into health. Information about organs and body systems can be obtained by looking into the eye. As part of the consultation, she will take a picture of your eye to view the iris. ​
Emotion Code: Emotional well-being and health are deeply intertwined. During the consultation we identify and clear as many emotions as your body allows.  ​ ​
Reams Biological Ionization Testing (RBTI): RBTI is a way to balance the body. This method was created by Dr. Carey Reams and provides information about sugar, pH, salt, detoxification, and ureas within your body. Upon reviewing the test results, our clients are elated that they now can compare their complaints. In order to obtain accurate results please eat  2 hours before your appointment. ​
Bach Flower Remedy: Bach Flower remedies are a safe and natural healing remedy. They gently assist with restoring the balance between mind and body . You will receive a personalized Bach Flower remedy based upon your intake form. Marie uses a multiple-varied approach to help restore balance in the body. If optimal health is what you are seeking, the Naturopathic Consultation is the place to start. We can help you with your wellness journey.

ZYTO Scan-included in your consultation.
ZYTO scans are organized into what are called biosurveys. A biosurvery can be as varied and versatile as any other survey. Getting a ZYTO biocommunication scan is a simple and painless process. Simply place your hand on the ZYTO Hande Crandle while a scan is run. During the scan, subtle energetic impulses are introduced to your body. Your body will naturally respond to this communication, and the ZYTO software records each response. The scan takes approximately 3 minutes.  
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